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« on: August 05, 2016, 06:16:27 am »
Born to live intensely ... Some of us like to live intensely, and wherever we are or we go, we always find three types of people:

-The First make things happen: graduating in any subject, purchase the house they desire, not the one they can afford, send their children to the best schools, etc. They work and prepare to make things happen and are in constant search of success.

-The second ones just watch things happen; did you see the neighbor on his new car? Did you know that guy went on a vacation around Europe? Say, but just that, they never accomplish anything. Usually see what others do, they see things happen. Have what may have, but not what they really want to have!!

-Finally are those who see things happen and wonder what happened? They are those who say: Did you see the neighbor across the street is moving to a beautiful home? How did he do it? they are always watching the parade but never are part of it and usually do not even know the reason for the parade.

I hope friends you always try to be the ones that make things happen!!

I invite you to see this beautiful presentation, with pictures of people and animals who strive to achieve and do what they need to make things happen. I thank all those who choose to see it. Affectionately,

Yolanda Vargas.