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Slovakia (Aragonit Cave Ochtiná) PPS - Steve

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Slovakia (Aragonit Cave Ochtiná) PPS - Steve
« on: July 30, 2015, 05:24:18 pm »
Ochtinská Aragonite Cave  /  Slovakia
     This unique aragonite cave is situated in southern Slovakia, near Revúca. Being almost 300 m long, it is famous for its rare filing of the mineral aragonite.
     There are only three aragonite caves in the world open to public (Ochtiná in Slovakia, in Mexico and Argentine). The aragonite cave in Ochtiná was accidentally discovered in 1954 during geological survey. From the total length of 300 m were 230 m in 1972 opened to visitors. The air temperature is 7,2 – 9,5 °C and the relative humidity equals 92 to 97 %.
     The aragonite cave is a unique natural phenomenon. The aragonite filling was created by precipitation from marine and freshwater environments in closed subterranean pockets. White aragonite forms the cave’s rare decoration.
     The cave is the national natural monument. Along with other caves of the Slovak Karst  is the Cave of Ochtiná included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.