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Mexico (this is Campeche) - Lalo, Steve

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Mexico (this is Campeche) - Lalo, Steve
« on: January 28, 2021, 04:28:59 pm »
Campeche is a Mexican state located partly on the Yucatan Peninsula on the Gulf Coast. It has an area of 57,507 km² and a population of 849,617, half of whom live in the capital - Campeche. Until XVI. century this area was inhabited by the Maya peoples. Their seat Edzná is the most important archaeological site. The surface of the state is lowland, largely covered with forest. The country has a hot and humid climate. The large amount of precipitation affects the amount of rivers and lakes. The largest rivers are Palizada and Cantería. The most important crops grown in the state of Campeche are corn, rice and sugar cane. Steve