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Mexico (this is Baja California) - Lalo, Steve

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Mexico (this is Baja California) - Lalo, Steve
« on: February 15, 2022, 01:13:49 pm »
Baja California is a federal state of Mexico located in the north of the California Peninsula.
In the north it borders on the USA (California and Arizona). The surface is full of contrasts. There are mountains, valleys and deserts. The mountain system runs along the entire length of the state. The highest mountains are Sierra Juárez (1,800 m) and San Pedro Mártir (3,100 m). Three quarters of the surface is the Desierto Sonorense desert. Baja California is not rich in water. 88 % of water resources are concentrated in the Mexicali Valley. The most important sector of the economy is the food industry (food, beverages, tobacco). This is followed by the metalworking and engineering industry, textile, wood and paper industries. In particular, cattle are kept here. The state is rich in deposits of minerals and metals. Gold, copper, travertine, sulfur, lead, salt, kaolin are mined. Steve