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Cathedrale de Metz (France)

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Cathedrale de Metz (France)
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The cathedral Saint-Etienne of Metz is a Roman catholic cathedral, situated in Metz, in Moselle. It is the seat(siege) of the diocese of Metz. Built from 1220, she(it) is familiarly nicknamed the " lantern of good Dieu1 ", because of the surface covered by her(its) stained-glass windows. Indeed, the cathedral of Metz is not only the cathedral of France having most glazed hypermarket(large surface) - about 6 500 m2 but also the one who presents the biggest Gothic windows of Europe.

His(Her,Its) vault which peaks in forty one meters above ground level at the level of the nave also makes of saint Étienne of Metz one of the highest cathedrals of France2.

The cathedral makes the object of a classification(ranking) in conformance with(for) historic monuments since February 16th, 1930