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Beer festival (Munich-Germany)

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Beer festival (Munich-Germany)
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Oktoberfest ( "feast of October" in German) is a beer festival takes place in Munich, Germany . Nowadays, it always starts on a Saturday in September at noon exactly , ends on the first Sunday in October unless it is 1 or 2 October in which case the holiday is extended to three . It therefore lasts sixteen to eighteen days. The Oktoberfest takes place near the center of Munich on a 42-acre vacant lot for the rest of the year is for smaller fairs , or parking. This site is called Theresienwiese ( Therese's Meadow ) and often shortened by the Bavarians in die Wiesn " the meadow ." By extension, the term also refers to the party in general.

To preserve the family character of the party, carnival and eating places are located around the tents . The Oktoberfest is the largest funfair in the world. There are historical attractions but also very modern.

Created 17 October 1810 on the occasion of the marriage of the future King Louis I of Bavaria to Princess Therese of Saxe- Hildburghausen October 12, 1810 , the Jubilee Day was celebrated in 2010 on the occasion of its 200th anniversary . In 2009 , it attracted 5.7 million visitors in sixteen days . The festival begins with a parade of more than eight thousand people wearing traditional costume of breeches for men and dress with puffed sleeves and apron of bright colors ( Dirndl ) for women. The public gathers in large festive tents where they can drink beer while listening to music. About 6 million liters annually and bus .