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Slovakia (Danube Floodplains ) - Steve

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Slovakia (Danube Floodplains ) - Steve
« on: November 28, 2021, 10:40:20 am »
The system of river arms, swamps and forests in the Danube section below Bratislava makes up the largest inland river delta in Europe. The most precious natural value of the area is the river branch system, whose islands are covered with remnants of floodplain forests. It represent the largest area of floodplains in Slovakia. It is an ecosystem inherently bound to water. The type of floodplain forest is determined by the level of groundwater and flooding. Floodplain forests are similar to tropical rainforests. In the past, they were a real jungle. At present, only fragments of their original size remain. They are among the most endangered forest ecosystems. In 1998 the Protected Landscape Area - Danube Floodplains was declared. Steve