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Iceland - Jucago,Steve

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Iceland - Jucago,Steve
« on: August 06, 2021, 07:50:09 pm »
Iceland is a state on the island of the same name on the border of the Arctic Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Its area is 103,125 km2 and is the second largest island in Europe. It is located just below the Arctic Circle. Approximately 357 thousand people live here. The largest city is Reykjavík, which is also the capital. Two thirds of the Icelandic population live in its agglomeration. Iceland has a mild climate due to the warm waters of the Gulf Stream. Mixing hot and cold sea water results in heavy rainfall. The island consists exclusively of volcanoes, many of which are still active. Inland, there are lava fields, mountains and glaciers covering 11 % of Iceland. There are three national parks on the island. Steve