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« on: June 04, 2012, 02:59:25 am »
good, in this tutorial we will explain like climbing a pps to the Web. We must first be registered. You can do so through the link "Register"You can do so through the link  located at the top of the web. All the important details are marked with a red box in the images.


before upload a pps we have to  insert the logo  of the web and password you want

1. To learn how to insert the logo you can visit this link: insert Logo

2.-To learn how to put a password can visit this link: include password

Good after clarify this point we will begin:

First must log in the homepage(put our user name and password) and we will be in the home page

Once here we click on the tab "Sections" located on the top of the web and as we can see displays a menu that appears "Pps's own creation" or "Pps of the network", select the section to which we want to go.

IMPORTANT: If a  pps has not been created by you but  that  has seen or downloaded on the network or any other similar medium will be  on  the section "Pps of the network", otherwise if you created a pps will go in the section "Pps's own creation" section.

In this case for the tutorial I used a own creation pps dedicated to love, then look for the section of dedications in the section "Pps of own creation."

Once there click on the  section "Dedication"

Then  we click on "New topic" as shown in this photo.

 We complete according to the following structure.

Subject: Here write the name of the pps
In the quadrate: write a brief description that will be read by other users.(I have described one example of a love pps)

Once done this, click on "Additional Options" (under the quadrate where is the description). We see that it has deployed a menu include one that says "Attach", that is where is our pps. We click on "Browse"

We will be see a box in which we have to find the location of our file pps and once found and selected click on open.

And it is already. Now just click on "Post"

Depending on the size and the speed of your connection it will take more or less. It usually take very little. When you finish climbing the pps you will redirected to the section where it climbed the pps (for this tutorial, the dedications section). Clickeas arriba y verá su pps cargado

Because it can download the users and/or comment, that's all.

IIf you need to see the images more large and in more detail, I enclose them in this same message so that you can review them.

I hope that this tutorial they have been helpful.

Best regards!