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Insert Logo
« on: June 04, 2012, 02:08:01 am »
 Microsoft Office 2003
What it is?

Until now the logo of the web was a transparent image in png format inserted in the bottom right corner of submissions in each of the slides with the respective hyperlink to the website. So well, from now on the logo of the web will be a simple slide that we have created and it will be in your hands and that they should be placed at the end of the presentation, that's all.

How to place the slide that tell me?

That is the goal of this tutorial, guide the creator to properly place the slide. Well let's start (all the important steps are marked with a red dot):

 The first thing we do is download the web slide named "Logo.pps" which can be found at the end of this tutorial.

2. Once downloaded we can see the layout of the presentation is as follows:

3. Well, we now proceed to open our presentation in which we will insert the logo (the slide) to upload to the web. And we click on the "Insert" then select "Slides from Files .."[/b]

4. Then we click on "Browse"as we indicated in the following image:

5. it will open a popup window to find the file pps in this case Logo.pps). We search for and open it.

6 Now we should go out the same window of step 4 but already with the route where our slide. And a thumbnail of the slide that we are going to insert.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  In this step also add to that in future occasions will be more easy you can bookmark the presentation. How? Also shown in the image that I present below by clicking where it says "Add to favourites" so that in future occasions you would pass from step 4 to 6 directly.

7. IMPORTANT NOTE: Should mark where says "Maintain format of origin" so that not is distort the colors of the slide with our presentation.

We give a click on the thumbnail and then click on "Insert" and once inserted click on "close"

And it would be all done, remember that the slide has to be always in last place, in our case would read:

Come to have been very easy, now only remains to insert the password chosen, and already the pps is ready to upload to the web. Greetings and any questions or suggestions post it in this same message.

Sincerely, Administrators.

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Re: Insert Logo
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Just awesome and thanks.
Uma Maheswar  :)
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